The Door, an AR song designed Spectacles

The Door is an AR song that changes mood based on how you respond to it.  We don’t have control over many aspects of our lives, but we can choose our attitude and that one choice can transform our entire experience. The exact same situation can feel two totally different ways, depending on how you respond to it. And, this song is like that. Depending on your choices, the same song will feel fundamentally different. You “play” the AR song by triggering a series of musical elements with hand gestures. My hope was to give people the feeling of playing a musical instrument without the years of practice. 

I was over the moon when I received early access to the Spectacles. These are the newest AR glasses from Snap. They aren’t a commercial product yet and are only being given to a few lucky creators. So, of course, I feel incredibly lucky to be given the opportunity to develop for them. I knew that I wanted to create a project that embraced the unique capabilities that AR glasses offer us. Specifically, being hands-free. I believe that as time goes on (and AR glasses become ubiquitous) hand gestures will replace the buttons that we rely on so heavily. Hopefully, this will lead to more expressive and intuitive ways of interacting with our world. 

One of the greatest gifts that art offers us is the ability to see the world (and our lives) through a new lens. Perspective shift is invaluable and augmented reality art is the perfect tool to create it.

Created in partnership with Spectacles.