Heather Dunaway Smith

Hi, I’m Heather Dunaway Smith. I’m an XR artist (designer/developer/director). I blend storytelling, illustration, animation, audio, interactive, and the physical world into immersive art experiences.

Storytelling was my first love. I started out as a playwright/songwriter but soon turned to interactive art. It combined all the things I liked to do and allowed me to co-author with an audience. Historically speaking, most art has been one way. The artist creates. The audience observes. But, I’m interested in blurring the line between art and audience. Transforming a one-way monologue into a conversation leads to unexpected discoveries, more meaningful experiences, and deeper connections. And, for me, art is all about connection. We’re currently witnessing the birth of a new medium. We don’t know what XR is capable of or how best to use it. But, I’m all in. I want to explore that uncertainty and discover what’s on the other side.

After receiving my BA in Interactive Multimedia my career has gone on to encompass a diverse scale of clients (from Fortune 100 companies to individuals) and work environments (from global advertising agencies to startups). Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to create a wide range of interesting and innovative interactive experiences: mobile games (using responsive art and audio), global cross-media campaigns (including virtual worlds), interactive museum exhibits, UI/UX for AI-generated experiences, and AR/VR experiences.

In 2020, I was awarded an AR Art Residency at Adobe. In 2021, I became of the few lucky creators that are currently developing for Snap’s AR glasses, the Snap Spectacles. My artwork has been exhibited in Paris, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, Vancouver, and Portland. To learn more about my web/app-based interactive work, check out Clockworkbird.

When I’m not making art, I’m typically making music or foraging for mushrooms in Oregon’s old-growth forests.

If you’d like my resume or to get in touch, shoot me an email.

Some of my better known clients include: Adobe, Meta, Snap, Highlights, Coachella, Harley Davidson, Allstate, Norton, Mini, and more.