Adobe Aero AR Earth Day

One of my goals for this Earth Day AR art experience was to make the impending threat of climate change feel tangible, personal… if only for a moment. As you’re standing in the rise waters, your sympathetic nervous system can’t help but respond to the rapidly approaching water line. Your fight or flight gets triggered and your heart rate starts to rise, along with the water line. That rising tide is real. In a 2019 study, a high emission scenario projected that the oceans will rise 34 cm (a little over 1 foot)  by 2050 and 111 cm (3.6 feet)  by 2100. 

Mixed reality has many gifts. One of its superpowers is its ability to help us wrap our heads around large numbers. By taking that abstract number and putting it into the physical space around us, we’re better able to grasp not only their size but complex systems of data, relationships. So, another one of my goals was to allow people (myself included) to really SEE the lifespan of ordinary products. We are surrounded by (almost) immortal objects. Now, I can’t look at a plastic bag without thinking about the fact that it might be around for another 1000 years.

View AR in Adobe Aero

Sculpting 3D elements in VR using Adobe Medium

Applying texture to the 3D objects in Adobe Dimension

Setting up animations and AR in Adobe Aero