AR Snowflakes

Ar Snowflakes by Dunaway Smith

May your holiday belly be full of good food. 
May your holiday heart be full of good mood.
May your holiday friends be full of good cheer.
May your holiday zooming feel cozy and near.

Please forgive my dorky poem. The season has me feeling sappy… and deeply grateful. Perhaps, because it’s been such a rough year I can see all of my blessings more clearly than ever. I created these AR snowflakes to offer a little delight during this unprecedented year.


The augmented reality snowflakes animate on tap. If you get close to a snowflake, it gets pulled toward you and begins to circle around you indefinitely.


I drew the snowflakes on my iPad using Procreate. I then created vector versions in Adobe After Effects and animated them on a 2 second (15 fps) loop. I try to keep the animations short in order to have a manageable file size. I exported them as PNG sequences, zipped them up, and brought them into Adobe Aero, where I added the interactivity and some more animation. 


Christmas Time by Borrtex.