MiniB, a miniature AR blackhole

Over the past hundred years, scientific discoveries have taught us a lot about the flexibility of the universe and ourselves. The proof of black holes (1971) illustrated that space and time are actually part of the same force, which challenges some of the basic assumptions we have about reality. Despite our linear human experience, time doesn’t have to move in a straight line. It can be bent. (?!?!)  And, the 1964 breakthrough in brain science showed us that, despite previous assumptions, the brain is a very changeable organ. Through repetition, we can literally remap the structure of our brains. 

These two discoveries (along with my experiments in AR) got me thinking about the true nature of reality and our ability to affect it. So, I decided to create an accessible, convenient, cathartic experience: a mini-ritual to help people get rid of whatever is weighing them down.

Len Studio: AR Scene Structure
Lens Studio: VFX Structure