Cold Moon: AR Artwork

AR Cold moon

December’s full Cold Moon rises on Saturday, December 18, 2021. It’s known as a “Micromoon”, the opposite of a “Supermoon.” This simply means that the full moon is at its farthest point from Earth (rather than the nearest point). Its designation as the “Cold Moon” comes from the Mohawk tribe and conveys the chilly conditions of this time of year, when cold weather truly begins to grip us.

This piece is part of the Full Moon Series – a collection of kinetic AR artworks that celebrate the 12 full moons in a calendar year. It is available as a clean NFT on Open Sea. The winning collector will receive a video of the rendered sculpture, a 3D model (GLB), and a link to the AR experience.


Illustration > Procreate

2D Animations > Adobe After Effects

3D Models/Animations > Blender

AR > Spark AR

The moon materials (texture, 3D model, height map) were taken directly from NASA data. In fact, they have a useful, fun collection of various cosmic elements available for download.