Flower Moon: AR Artwork

Flower Moon - AR Artwork by Dunaway Smith

May’s full moon, the “Flower Moon” will be the closest full moon of the year, making it one of two super moons in 2021. Not only that, but this month’s full moon also coincides with a total lunar eclipse! As you may have guessed, the “Flower Moon” is named after the beautiful flowers brought on by spring showers. The designation can be traced back to the Algonquin people.

I experimented with a couple of different versions (marker and markerless). Initially, I planned for this to be a wearable piece (tied to an image anchor.) But, once I saw it on my wrist, I realized I need to simplify the design. At such a small scale, the individual elements were competing for attention.  In order for eyes to properly register elements, you have to give them breathing room. So, I simplified. But, I didn’t want to get rid of the showers and flowers all together, so I made a larger, tabletop version, as well.

The moon materials (texture, 3D model, height map) were taken directly from NASA data. In fact, they have a useful, fun collection of various cosmic elements available for download.

View AR in Adobe Aero

Table top / markerless version | Music: Lavender by Sergey Cheremisinov
AR Wearable / Marker version | Music: Lavender by Sergey Cheremisinov

I also created a 3D render of the composition and will be selling it as an NFT on H=N.

Flower Moon – 3D Render in Blender