AR Ocean Mandala #1

AR Ocean Mandala by Dunaway Smith

I’m lucky enough to live about an hour from the ocean (in Portland, Oregon), but I grew up in Texas, far from the coast. Perhaps because of that distance, I was obsessed with the beach. I even created a beached themed logo (my first) for my very first band, Forever Pink. It was pink 3D block text, sitting in the sand, surrounded by palm trees and pink flamingos. I eventually made it to the gulf when I was about twelve and I’ve never been the same. I was instantly captivated by the rolling waves, the size, and the smell. I understood how truly small I was for the first time.

These days, I return to the ocean as frequently as possible. To me, it’s like medicine. When my troubles feel too large, the ocean will shrink them back to size.

MUSIC: Never Forget by Ketsa

This AR mandala was inspired by the ocean – its otherworldly wildlife and the patient, rhythmic power of the tides. Rather than directly representing those elements, I used them as a model to invent my own creatures and forms.

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