AR Arbor Day Tree Frame

AR Arbor Day Frame

For centuries, picture frames have been used in homes to celebrate and commemorate what is most important to us.  My goal with this AR Arbor Day project was to create a shareable picture frame for our collective home, the earth –  to highlight the trees that we love.  The importance of trees cannot be overstated. As the largest and oldest plants on the planet, they give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilize the soil, support the world’s wildlife and help mitigate some of the catastrophic effects of climate change.  Throughout my life, I’ve had personal relationships with specific trees. (“Tree Hugger” is an apt title for me, as I’ve literally hugged hundreds, if not thousands, of trees.)  Every day, I pass the same trees while walking my dog and I see them change throughout the seasons. They visibly grow alongside me. They are incredibly important and they deserve to be celebrated.

This is part of an ongoing series of AR artworks exploring natural systems and our place within them. To see more, check out my AR Earth Day project, Forest Face Flood.


3D Sculpting > Adobe Medium

3D Models, materials, and animation > Blender

AR animation and interaction > Adobe Aero