White Washing – AR Art Print

White Washing by Dunaway Smith

Black lives more than matter. They are sacred. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Advancement Project, a nonprofit organization that provides direct support to local communities fighting for racial and social justice at the grassroots level.

Music: Headwaters Instrumental by Chad Crouch

EXPERIENCE:  The first act of the AR experience will continue until the participant (that’s you) interacts with certain elements, like the snake. Once those elements are activated the entire piece will change tones and shift into Act 2. 

HOW IT WORKS: The art print will come with a QR code sticker. (Many people apply it to the back of the picture frame for easy access.) When you scan the QR code with your iOS device, it will launch Adobe Aero and will ask you to scan your physical environment for flat planes, like the floor or a tabletop. Once you select a flat surface, the AR experience will begin.