Adobe Aero Tutorial: Creating an AR Holiday Card Part 2

Adobe Aero Tutorial Part 2 - Triggering PNG Sequences

As a 2d animator and illustrator I was especially excited to discover that the latest release of Aero includes support for animated GIFs and PNG sequences. Typically, I draw an illustration on my iPad, then animate it in After Effects. From there, I export as a PNG sequence and compress it into a zip file. Then, you can import it into Aero and trigger it using the PLAY IMAGES action.  If you’re interested in a full tutorial explaining the process,  I made one that you can view here.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to take a PNG sequence (of a turkey dance/walking) and turn it into a tap interaction.

Try it yourself! Use the QR code below or click HERE

The included file already has the TAP action attached to the turkey object. If you’d like to try it yourself: Select the turkey, then open up behaviors. Tap on TAP and select DELETE SEQUENCE (on mobile) or just  use the DELETE key, if you are on the desktop version.

1. Select the turkey object (a zipped PNG sequence) and tap the Behaviors tool from the Toolbar. (If you’d like more info about creating PNG sequences in After Effects and using them in Aero, check out my other tutorial.)
2. Set a TAP trigger. 
3. Select the + button to add an action. 
4. Add an PLAY IMAGES action.5. Put a check mark next to INFINITE.

6. Select the + button again and add a MOVE action.
7. Change the X offset to 25cm.
8. Change the DURATION to 8 seconds.
9. Add a check mark next to INFINITE.
10. Add a check mark next to BACK & FORTH.
11. Hit PREVIEW to test it out. Voila! The infinite turkey dance is yours!

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