AR Memorial – RBG

AR RBG Memorial by Dunaway Smith

Ruth Bader Ginsburg – I’ve spent the last few days trying to capture her likeness, not an exaggerated caricature or a reimagining of her youthful beauty. I wanted to show her elder beauty and wisdom, the graceful strength she modeled so well. So often, we are only shown (masculine) examples of strength. In order to “win”, you have to crush your enemies, rigidly stand by your dogmas, and dominate until you get your way. RBG showed us a different kind of strength – a nimble (yet fierce) intellect that was firmly rooted in logic, values, compassion, and long-term vision. She fought for what she believed in while inspiring others to join her. She was able to illustrate truth by reframing, offering insight where people couldn’t see it before.

This is an AR memorial for her. It highlights six of her most notable Supreme Court decisions. A little education goes a long way. I’m truly thankful for the road she paved. Her life’s work has profoundly influenced my experience as a woman.  

If you’d like to try it yourself, download Adobe Aero, then open the RIP RBG link:

PROCESS: I drew the portrait in Procreate. Then, I used photoshop to create PNG files, which I then brought into Blender. I attached an armature to the flowers then animated them. I exported the elements as GLB files. Then, I brought everything into Adobe Aero and added the interactivity/AR elements. In the continued spirit of education, I plan on making a tutorial sometime soon.