All things begin at the beginning…


In an effort to keep track of the evolution of my work/thinking, I’ve decided to start a studio journal. Being at the beginning of a new medium feels exciting and certainly worth documentation. Beyond that, I can barely remember what I ate for lunch two days ago, let alone what I was thinking eight months ago when I started this journey, so putting it down on “paper” seems wise.

Another goal of this journal is to get better at writing. I’m a songwriter and I’ve been a playwright in the past, but most of my writing has been lyrical, sparse, emotional, story-driven. Coherently explaining and documenting my artwork has proven a challenge. I absolutely hate marketing speak, but I definitely see the need to communicate clearly. I have no idea what my writing “voice” is, so I’m just going to start writing regularly and see what happens. This is a process of discovery, rather than targeting. In that way, it’s similar to creating mixed reality artwork.

Follow along, if you’re so inclined! I’d love the company.

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