AR Mandalas

During my Adobe AR Residency, I explored ways of using space around participants, specifically proximity triggers and spatial relationships (through scale and distance.) These immersive mandalas are built to be physically explored. You can stand back and admire them or stand in the middle of the action. These were all created with Adobe Aero, Blender, and Procreate.

I started my mandala experiments with simple shapes, colors and interactivity.

EXPERIENCE: Three buttons allow the participant to control the mandala’s spin.

MUSIC: Illumination by Kai Engel

Eventually, I started exploring storytelling possibilities by using figurative elements. This piece contains illustrations and animations that are inspired by the ocean. 

MUSIC: Never Forget by Ketsa

Inspired by the biological kingdoms, this piece reminds me of 3d zoetropes where the traditional “illusion” has been replaced by a new one. 

MUSIC: Song Sparrow Serenade by Chad Crouch