AR Spring Flowers

AR Spring Flowers by Dunaway Smith

Spring has sprung! It’s been a long, wet winter in Portland, Oregon. Every day, when I walk my dog, Beefcake, I’m thrilled to see new buds and blossoms springing up. It got me wondering: what if I could say “hi” and give a welcoming wave to my new plant neighbors? What if they could wave back? This AR experiment explores that “reality.”

In truth, plants can communicate.  They send one another all sorts of chemical messages, alerting one another when there is danger or lack of a particular nutrient. We simply can’t understand them. I’m hoping that changes within my lifetime. In the meantime, we have augmented reality. 🙂 

The flower reaction is triggered when you get close to them.

The plant design was inspired by the clematis sweet autumn that grows on my front porch. This was made using Adobe’s new AR software, Aero, Blender 2.8 and my weirdo, science obsessed brain.