AR Butterfly Cyclone

augmented reality butterfly

Ongoing project: I gradually getting closer to my dream of being inside of a butterfly cyclone. I’m running into some processing hurdles, so I’m going to continue working on efficiency.

Experience: When you launch the experience, all of the butterflies are gathered on the floor around you. When you tap one, it wakes up and starts flying around you, indefinitely. After all of them are awake, you surrounded in a beautiful cyclone of colorful butterflies.


  • I started by creating drawing the butterfly wing pattern on my iPad using Procreate.
  • Then, I created a 3d model in Blender.
  • Once the model was created, I added the flying animation.
  • I exported the model and animation as a GLB file.
  • After bringing that GLB into Adobe Aero, I added the interactivity and a series of animation triggers.