Cactus Woman by Dunaway Smith

I, like a lot of people, struggle with social anxiety. I’m an introvert. You would probably never know it if we met in person. I love people, I love talking deeply with people, I even love performing in front of large groups of people. But, crowds of people performing “small talk”‘ duties terrify me, sends me running to the hills. Or, better yet, to hide behind a hill. I genuinely wish I could ride the social waves more gracefully, but it seems to be the way things are for now. I’ll keep trying to work on it (tbh, I’m not sure how. Suggestions?) In the meantime, if you’re at a party and see me or someone else giving “runaway” vibes, just know, we’re doing our best given the current situation. It’s not that we don’t like (or even love) you. We just do better in small groups (with less stimulus.) Just like plants, different people thrive in different environments.

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